This wonderful installation is the work of Lebanese designer Najla El Zein and consists of 5000 spinning paper windmills placed in a doorway at the Victoria and Albert Museum  in London.
The installation is completely handcrafted and each of the spinning windmills in the Wind Portal was folded by hand and attached to upright plastic tubes with custom-made 3D-printed clips and is controlled by a computer program in charge of giving movement and lighting the piece.
As the designer states, “The Wind Portal is situated at the boundaries of the old and new extension of the V&A – the Day-lit Gallery – which showcases fragments of the city during Medieval Renaissance” […] 
“Our intervention focuses on the transition between two spaces, an inside and outside space, and acts as a walk-in installation where the proximity between the installation and the visitor creates a direct interaction” […]  “The sensory passage is enhanced with an integrated wind system, a play between sound, light, shade and the windmills blowing through.”
The Wind Portal is part of the London Design Festival, and will be on display through November 3, 2013.


(via My Modern Met, Dezeen)

Author: Fran

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