German artist Clemens Behr is currently exhibiting at Penindaplinena Gallery. The show, entitled “Disassembly Lines” features new work built for the exhibition, something not completely strange for the artist who usually creates all work in situ drawing interesting parallels to his street work.
This new exhibition is no exception. The body of work has been created by assembling construction and building material and as the title may suggest, it is the disassembly of the work, and deconstruction that enables the artist to rebuilt it again what has been destroyed in a new and meaningful way. The gallery’s explanation of the work:

The working process of the work of German artist, Clemens Behr, mostly brings together a rough draft and a load of prepared parts that are eventually assembled into a “final product”. Like a simple paper or wood collage, or other basic building materials are taken apart and then rearranged into mostly abstract pieces, resembling three-dimesional paintings or even compositions in space. Most of the works are in situ installations, which describe given space in a deconstructive way. Single architectural parts, shapes, colors and surfaces are detached and then reassembled. Most of the times, this process works quite intuitively, prompting viewer and participants. The title “disassembly lines” refers to two schemes: on the one hand, building up of a collage-like product with interchangeable parts; and, on the other, an attempt to create the illusion of brokenness and destruction. The random yet aware construction of a geometrical destruction. This destructive way also comments quite often on the ephemeral part of his work. Most of the installations do not last longer than a couple of week, sometimes days or even hours. Until present, the documentation of his work is a main part of the product, whereby the perception of a voluminous work becomes crystalized in a cubist and flat composition of a background, and a created body of work whose layers continuously melt.

The exhibition will be open from 20.09.2013 to 10.11.2013 at the gallery located on 49 Ellados, Limassol 3041, Cyprus.


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