This new mural is the work of German contemporary artist, designer and muralist Rafael Gerlach also known as SatOne.
Titled “TI:ME”, the new mural addresses an interesting issue concerning our perception of time and features the image of an endless loop based on the iconic Möebius strip. Time is here represented by a red line running along the strip and acquiring different shapes according to the obstacles or events encountered on its way. These obstacles or events are represented by the abstract formations along the strip in interlaced cold blues and greys and constitutes a beautiful contrast to the time line’s bright and warm reds.
The strip has no end, neither has time, an idea that seems underlined by the image of a sunset and its cycle along the strip which according to the artist “focuses on the routine or even repetition of people’s daily habits/actions.”.
Due the location of this mural, the Justizvollzugsanstalt Rockenberg or Rockenberg Youth Prison, the strip also draws, according to SatOne, a line between the lives of the inmates and those who live outside the prison walls, keeping in mind that every person, depending of their situation, experiences time differently and that time also can be experienced as imprisoning, often by memories that keep us trapped behind imaginary bars.
A wonderful interpretation, and a strong and beautiful conceptual piece of art.

The project was organized by Draw A Line inside the walls of the Rockenberg Prison and counted with the participation of Roids (London), Horfèe & Ken Sortais (Paris), SatOne (Munich), Score & Fence (Berlin).
The project resulted, not only in a series of wonderful pieces, but also meaningful conversations with the inmates which were in many ways surprised by the fact that they were able to participate of the project in a meaningful way:

“I thought we wouldn’t be allowed to participate really, I thought it would be only ‘Clean up behind the artists!’. But they allowed us to really do something useful with them.” — Mohamed, inmate

More from the Rockenberg prison soon… For now, have a look at the wonderful images below:


Author: Fran

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