Another day, another Banksy. After yesterdays stunt, which btw was genius, Banksy drops this a new piece which reads “What we do in life echoes in Eternity”. The pink text being washed away by a stenciled cleaning man. Banksy himself confirmed the piece a couple of hours ago on his website adding that “Some people criticize me for using sources that are a bit low brow (this quote is from ‘Gladiator’) but you know what? “I’m just going to use that hostility to make me stronger, not weaker” as Kelly Rowland said on the X Factor.” Ha! There you have!
The piece is located on  69th Street and 39th Avenue, Queens, NY.

banksy 3 banksybanksy 4

A couple of hours later…

First pic by Banksy and last pic by capnyc. Others by AFR1KA


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    What’s great about Banksy is his simplicity and the fact that he doesn’t create art to impress anyone, he does it because it’s what he wants. Its brilliant.