Spanish artist Borondo is now in Greece where he recently painted this new piece titled “Shame”.
“Shame” was created by painting and later scratching the surface of the glass a method Borondo has been developing in the last time and that is (loosely) inspired by the recent economic crisis and as the artist underlines ”(W)here the crisis strikes, you will notice many shops that are either closed or empty. If you scratch the window slightly you will suddenly be able to see the inside of the shop. I find that quite poetic,  glass has something beautiful about it. Sometimes I like to do the opposite of that. I apply black paint on commercial spotlights and by scratching the paint off the spotlight, I allow light to pass through.”
Borondo’s interest is centred on humans and their emotions and according to the artist he wants to do something different from the new pop movement and it’s codes, being “Shame” a good example of this.

borondo-athens-2 borondo-athens-3

Pics by the artist


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