Paix-and Dëfr-Berlin-1

Looking for pictures on Flickr I stumbled upon the work of Paix et Dëfr, two French artists currently exhibiting at Funkhaus Grünau in Berlin as part of the GAPS – Grünau Art Presentations.
Wonderful approach to the wall’s surface, texture and composition giving this piece a beautiful touch of melancholy.
The canvas work is abstract and sharp, bringing some of the earth colours seen on their mural installation. Melancholy is the word that comes to my mind and so does the canvas work, maybe inspired by deconstructivist masters.
Have a look at the artists Flickr for more of their work here.

Paix-and Dëfr-Berlin-3
Paix-and Dëfr-Berlin-2
Paix-and Dëfr-Berlin-4 Paix-and Dëfr-Berlin-5

Photos via the artists