VHILS-Las-Vegas-1 Vhils is now in USA participating of the Rise Above program part of the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas. Curated by Charlotte Dutoit, RISE ABOVE is turning Downtown Las Vegas into an art-inspired playground showcasing works by some of renowned artists like Vhils (Portugal), D*Face (UK), Alexis Diaz (AKA La Pandilla from Puerto Rico), Interesni Kazki (Ukrane) among  many others. For this occasion did Vhils and his collaborator two pieces, where one of them was painted (his first in many years with no carving) whilst the second one (image above) was carved into the wall. Two beautiful portraits in the most pure Vhils-style, if we can call it like that. VHILS-Las-Vegas-2VHILS-Las-Vegas-3VHILS-Las-Vegas-4 Photo above © alexten851 second by Charlotte Dutoit, otherwise by the artist himself