Apparently Spanish Escif had a lot to say during his stay in Ordes, Spain where he painted a series of witty and provocative pieces like the one above, “ZARA go HOME”, a pretty funny  and at the same time serious statement about the Spanish chain. Here some of his newest pieces in Ordes:

“The Weight of a Stone” is a beautiful composition based on the following dialogue:

/ the painter: Can you explain me why the stone on the roof?
/ the farmer: The roof is so lightweight. When a strong wind. When a strong wind comes, the roof is raised. The weight of the stone is balancing the roof. Common Sense
/…30 mn later /
/ the farmer: Can you explain me why you painted a stone on the wall?
/ the painter: The wall is so lightweight. When you look at the wall, the view is raised to the stone. The weight of the painted stone is balancing the wall. Common Sense!

“Comunistas” or “Communists” which maybe speaks for itself.

 “Extra Calcium”

And a quick collaboration with SEKONE

Escif- Ordes-7

All photos by Escif


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