I found this wonderful installation on the internet a couple of days ago, but suddenly I lost it between my drafts.
The installation is the work of the American artist Phillip K. Smith III, who created this new piece on a 70-year-old wooden residence within the California High Desert some miles outside Joshua Tree. Doors and windows have been replaced with mirrors, the same with some of the boards making up the exterior walls. On the surviving windows and doorway are installed with coloured LEDs that very slowly shift colour during the night shifting from blues to greens, and yellows to reds thanks to a system of LED lighting and an Arduino computer system.
The light emanated from the coloured spaces seems to melt into the surrounding landscape. A really wonderful and almost hidden treasure.

Lucid-Stead-by-Phillip-K-Smith-III_dezeen_1sq Lucid-Stead-by-Phillip-K-Smith-III_dezeen_5 Lucid-Stead-by-Phillip-K-Smith-III_dezeen_10

via Dezeen


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