Restless Escif is back with a new piece entitled “URANIO. Derrotar a Miró” painted during his recent stay in Mallorca, Spain.
The new piece seems to be accompanied by the following paragraph from León Felipe’s “Español del exodo y del llanto”:

“La España de las harcas no tuvo nunca poetas. De Franco han sido y siguen siendo los arzobispos pero no los poetas. En este reparto injusto, desigual y forzoso, del lado de las harcas cayeron los obispos y del lado del éxodo, los poetas”

This is the way León Felipe described the fractured spanish society from his exile in Mexico. The Spanish Civil War, but also Franco’s dictatorship led to the exodus of many intellectuals and artists of the time, in great part loyal to the Republic and with a clear political commitment, forcing them to an internal exile which still seems to exist.
Read Spanish? Here you can read the text


Author: Fran

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