Seacreative posted today some pics from his latest mural installation for the L’AM – L’Arte della Memoria.
The L’AM project invited a bunch of local and international contemporary artists to paint an old abandoned mansion destined to be demolished, but open to the public until January 2014 (by appointment and during weekends).

The artists participating in this project are: 108, B. Antimo, Thomas Berra, Louis Boccadamo, Bros, Demian Conrad, Dem, Alex Doric, Hitnes, Ivan the Poet, Geshe Lama Tenzin Janchup +, Nicola Magrin, Martha Margnetti, Damiano Mengozzi, Mossitup, Mp5, Nevercrew, OLG, Orticanoodles, Matthew Thornton, Seacreative, Urbansolid, Frances Wilkins.

I’m pretty sure this is the place to visit after the Tour 13 art project in Paris.

seacreative-2 seacreative-1
Pics by Seacreative


Author: Fran

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