This interesting wall is the work of Spanish artist David de La Mano.
Entitled Vórtice or Vortex, the new mural is the first in an ongoing project called Distrito de Arte Urbano de Punta del Este, promoted and coordinated by Florencia Sader, Pepi Gonçalvez, Sandra Cabrera and María Sara Baroffio in collaboration with the City Council among others.
Vortex as the piece is titled, is a good example of de La Mano’s work characterized by a monochromatic, strong and poetic imagery where the human figure plays a central role.
The black human  silhouettes in this image seem to be drawn into the ‘vortex’ which has no end and blends with the white of the mural, nothing or everything awaits them.

David-de-la-Mano-Uruguay-1 David-de-la-Mano-Uruguay-2 David-de-la-Mano-Uruguay-3 David-de-la-Mano-Uruguay-4 David-de-la-Mano-Uruguay-6
Thanks to David de La Mano for the photos