Brazilian artists Zéh Palito, Saci loves you and Rien recently collaborated in this new mural somewhere in São Paulo.
Entitled “Naturaleza Sublime” the new mural combines Rien’s beautiful portraits, Zeh Palito’s figurative imagery and Saci loves you’s more abstract approach, manage these three artist to give form to a unique and vibrant piece.
Loving these three artist individual work, great stuff.

zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-2 zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-4 zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-5 zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-6 zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-7 zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-8 zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-9 zéh-palito-saci-loves-you-rien-Sao-Paulo-10
Images courtesy of the artists


Author: Fran

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