After an excellent participation at the Miami Art Basel 2013, Francisco Díaz also known as Pastel is back in his hometown Buenos Aires in Argentina where he just finished this new mural in the Villa Crespo neighbourhood.
Painter and architect, Pastel combines his passions in exploring the relationships between urban art, architecture and city life, but also history. This is the case of this new wall, a representation of the 16 battles which took place during the “Triple Alliance War” in Paraguay in 1864. The piece follows in a way the same kind of aesthetics seen in a previous mural here.
Btw, if you wonder, this one is located on Calle Padilla, Villa Crespo.
pastelfd-buenos-aires-2 pastelfd-buenos-aires-3 pastelfd-buenos-aires-4
First photo via San, otherwise the artist.


Author: Fran

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