Pablo S. Herrero teamed up with  E1000 and Rosh and painted a couple of wonderful murals on the roof top of the ESLA Eko building in the Carabanchel neighborhood, Madrid.
The result is a vibrant and smooth mix of styles, where each artist has left its own particular mark, but still letting us discern between Herrero’s silhouetted trees, Rosh’s wavy imagery and E1000’s striking tonal palette.
I particularly love the sphere and the top of the tower, wonderful work.

Pablo-S-Herrero-E1000-Rosh-carabanchel-Spain-5 Pablo-S-Herrero-E1000-Rosh-carabanchel-Spain-4
Pablo-S-Herrero-E1000-Rosh-carabanchel-Spain-6 Pablo-S-Herrero-E1000-Rosh-carabanchel-Spain-2
Mil gracias a Pablo S. Herrero por las fotos!
Many thanks to the artists for the pics!