Sheffield based artist Phlegm spent sometime during the last month working on his newest exhibition at the Howard Griffin Gallery.
Entering the gallery the first thing you meet is walls covered by illustrated jars containing different specimens of animals, most of them of fantastic character. Phlegm creates in this way a modern bestiary presenting a taxonomic categorisation of his creatures through an immersive and large-scale installation in wood, clay and plaster. The rest of the exhibition consists in monochromatic pieces featuring his traditional imagery where Phlegm decides to add a 3D aspect to them.
The exhibition will be open until Tue, 04 Mar 2014.

Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-2 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-3 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-4 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-5 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-6 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-7 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-8 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-9 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-10 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-11 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-12 Phlegm-The-Bestiary-Show-London-13
Images courtesy of  Marcus Peel 


Author: Fran

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