Polish artist Krzysztof Syruć also known as Proembrion spent some time working on this great mural for Urban Forms in Lodz, Poland.
The mural in question is the equivalent to 20 horizontal floors and was painted on the walls of Galeria Łódzka located on Al. Piłsudskiego 15/23, Łódź featuring Proembrion’s abstract imagery characterized by his fascination with “parametric, generative structures, by biomorphism and biomimicry.”
Here a bit about the artist by the artist himself:

“I started painting when I was twelve, in 1996. From this time my graffiti has moved through various evolutionary states, made by keeping strict geometric rules. High-density letters combinations became more disciplined by closing it into hexagonal shape and by using, similar angles. Creating all these puzzles directed me to find a style easier to shape — diagonal style. I developed it so, that I could paint with one-line improvisation. This type of acting gave me a lot of flexibility and more contextual way of adding graffiti to space. Now my main rule is an intuition. It is a great pleasure to surprise yourself. But on the other hand I am really fascinated by parametric, generative structures, by biomorphism and biomimicry. That’s what makes me develop new algorithms and to go by new rules. I generate very complicated 1-bit pixel patterns to see mathematics in pure form. I found there visual language of nature and I want to make it real.”

As always amazing work.

Proembrion-Lodz-2 Proembrion-Lodz-3 Proembrion-Lodz-4

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Author: Fran

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