As mentioned before the German duo Herakut is currently in Jordan invited by AptART and the French organization ACTED where they painted a series of new murals as a continuation of this wonderful project they are engaged in.
The three-month project, which runs until end of March 2014, builds on earlier work with Syrian youth, refugees and internally displaced persons in the region. International and local artists in collaboration with Syrian and Jordanian youth will be creating 30 large-scale public art pieces in Jerash, Ajloun, Irbid, Mafraq and Zaatari Refugee camp.
Have a look at the pictures below and don’t forget to check out Herakut’s travel blog. The images are wonderful! 

herakut-jordan-1 herakut-jordan-2 herakut-jordan-4 herakut-jordan-5 herakut-jordan-7 herakut-jordan-8 herakut-jordan-9

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