New York based artist Li Hill was recently in Jersey City invited by Savage Habbit where he spent some time painting this wonderful mural.
Working on different mediums and w ith a background in graffiti and mural painting and a degree in Fine Arts, Hill’s works range from smaller multiples to enormous murals that explore industrialization, scientific discovery, man versus nature and information saturation. Often he also incorporates found objects and unconventional materials to create complex multi-layered pieces that exhale both movement and give form to more complex ideas.
This new mural is all about movement, featuring the high speed motion of a Ping Pong player. Lovely piece.


Li-Hill-Savage-Habbit-Jersey-5 Li-Hill-Savage-Habbit-Jersey-6
Images courtesy of Savage Habbit


Author: Fran

Founder and editor of Urbanite. Street Art lover who after the finishing her MA thesis on the muralist movement in the 1920-50s, developed a fascination for street art and graffiti that eventually led to collaborations with different art blogs, including the creation of this one.