Axel Void is now in Spain where he recently painted this new mural in Tarifa, Spain.
The new mural was painted in memory of those who lost their lives trying, not only to reach a better, but also a safer life in Europe. Axel Void explains his piece as follows:

This mural was done in Tarifa, in the south of Andalucía, Spain. Tarifa is the closest point to Morroco, connecting the Mediterranean to the Atlantic by the narrow Strait of Gibraltar. From Tarifa you can see Tanger on the other side of the shore. It’s a conflictive yet beautiful place. Uncountable people have died trying to cross. Andalucia and Morroco have had a strong link and this is what the concept of the piece is based on. The dialog between these two places and their genetical and cultural similitudes, divided by a political and a physical border.
The wall was painted in the neighborhood of El Carmen, also known as Los Pajaritos. It’s mostly a sailors neighborhood, in an area that would be considered poor. They hosted us for a week in which we shared food, played football, spent time talking and hung out with the kids. From the kids to the adults to the elder people, they showed us their most genuine hospitality. Painting in the area where I was raised most definitely felt like home.

AxelVoid-Tarifa-Spain-2 AxelVoid-Tarifa-Spain-3 AxelVoid-Tarifa-Spain-4 AxelVoid-Tarifa-Spain-5 AxelVoid-Tarifa-Spain-6 AxelVoid-Tarifa-Spain-7
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