Aakash Nihalani is now in Rome for the opening of “Vantage, his first Italian solo show at the Wunderkammern gallery.
This new mural was created under his stay in Rome and is characteristic of his work.
The exhibition opens tomorrow Saturday 5th april and will be presenting new works, installations in addition to urban interventions in several cities, one of which will be part of the project Art is Real.  The main idea behind “Vantage” is according to the gallery:

“a privileged point of view on a particular view of reality, in a constant clash between brain size and physical existence. Pieces that play on the thin line of a specific perspective – a human and individual Vantage, as it were – where simply shifting a few feet with respect to the perceptive illusion is enough to distort the effect to the point of disappearing. The public space becomes, then, an arena for individual investigation, for those who move “inside” or observe “from outside”: an opportunity to experience a reality far beyond common schools of vision and thought, through shapes that require interpretation and utilization by a body that reacts to them and a look that recognizes them. Vantage is precisely this: a privileged point of view on a specific vision of reality, in a constant crash-encounter between the physical and cerebral dimensions of existence.”

Always an interesting vision and work.
Aakash-Nihalani-Rome-3 Aakash-Nihalani-Rome-4 Aakash-Nihalani-Rome-2
Images via Wunderkammern


Author: Fran

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