Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli also known as JAZ is now in Australia where he rapidly painted this first new wall in Perth as part of the FORM Public art project.
The new mural, featuring Franco Fasoli’s signature imagery, was painted in the course of two days – if not less.Coming from a graffiti background, JAZ’ style evolved over the years and moved away from letter based graffiti and towards experimentation with figurative pieces inspired by Argentine culture.  Mexican “lucha libre” style wrestling figures with animal masks and part-man, part-beast figures locked in combat throughout the city is a recurrent theme and which we in some way also can see here. The ‘confrontational’ imagery that has characterized his work in recent years is still present, both when it comes to his canvas work and his murals being this new wall an example of that.
If you are in the area, the mural can be found at the Turner Galleries in Perth, Australia

Franco-Fasoli-Perth-Australia-2 Franco-Fasoli-Perth-Australia-3 Franco-Fasoli-Perth-Australia-4

Author: Fran

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