Here some awesome shots from David de la Mano and Pablo S. Herrero‘s last collaboration painted for the always great Memorie Urbane Festival in Terracina, Italy.
The new mural, entitled ‘La linfa Nera’, shows that beautiful and haunting imagery and style these two talented Spanish artist are known for; delicate silhouetted trees and mythical human figures that seem to dance and interlace each other to the beat of a common melody. Lovely work.


-®blindeyefactory_Herrero_x_DeLaMano_12 -®blindeyefactory_Herrero_x_DeLaMano_11 -®blindeyefactory_Herrero_x_DeLaMano_10 -®blindeyefactory_Herrero_x_DeLaMano_9


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Thanks to Pablo S. Herrero for the photos.
Most images by The Blind Eye Factory


Author: Fran

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