I have to admit that this blog has been a bit slow in the last time due the fact that I have been enjoying life outside (travelling and having fun). A lot happened during the past two weeks and there are loads of stuff out there I didn’t have the time to post, but anyway… here Ben Eine from whom I didn’t hear in a long time, but who is now back with this “Brilliant” mural on the South side of Black Book Gallery at 6th and Santa Fé in Denver, USA.
For some extra pics of the work in progress check out The Denver Egotist here.

Ben-Eine-BlackBook-Gallery-Denver-USA-2 Ben-Eine-BlackBook-Gallery-Denver-USA-5 Ben-Eine-BlackBook-Gallery-Denver-USA-6 Ben-Eine-BlackBook-Gallery-Denver-USA-7 Ben-Eine-BlackBook-Gallery-Denver-USA-3
Images via BlackBook Gallery


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