Mínima I – David de la Mano and Pablo S. Herrero

David de la Mano was recently in Gaeta in company of Pablo S. Herrero where he painted a couple of collaborations and personal work called “Mínimas”.
The Mínimas series show both de la Mano and Herrero’s distinctive imagery. I personally love the image above, a truly poetic and delicate collaborative intervention featuring the seven deadly sins.
What is most interesting about this work is the way they use the surface and every detail on it to give form to their mystic motives.


Mínima II – David de la Mano and Pablo S. Herrero


Mínima III – David de la Mano


David de la Mano


David de la Mano


Author: Fran

Founder and editor of Urbanite. Street Art lover who after the finishing her MA thesis on the muralist movement in the 1920-50s, developed a fascination for street art and graffiti that eventually led to collaborations with different art blogs, including the creation of this one.