Argentinian painter and architect Pastel is now in Italy where he just finished his second mural for the Viavai Project in Racale, Italy (image above). The first one, “El lamento del olivo”  (se images longer down this post) is about Salento‘s history conceptualized by Pastel translating it to modern values and using gold paint “as a sacred paradox of what today has been forgotten”.
The second mural, probably my favourite, is about Racale’s local history and speaks about the “significance of human essence when it comes to survive in a time where chaos reigns” and where “the flowers of death remind us at the end all gonna see them from beneath, without exceptions.” Ok, I have to admit. I had a hard time trying to understand that last sentence, but I guess he means that in the end we are all equal, agree? Anyway, a beautiful and simple mural featuring Pastel’s usual and site specific imagery.

Pastel-Viavai-Racale-2 Pastel-Viavai-Racale-3

“El lamento del olivo”  first mural for the project:

Pastel-Viavai-Racale-5 Pastel-Viavai-Racale-6 Pastel-Viavai-Racale-7 Pastel-Viavai-Racale-8 Pastel-Viavai-Racale-9

Images © Matteo Bandiello x Viavai


Author: Fran

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