After a wonderful first wall (here) Liqen completed his second mural for the SanBa Project (Progetto SanBa) in San Basilio; this time a bit less apocalyptic.
After a giant rake cleans the earth for every trace of “civilization” and leaves it ready to be cultivated again the new world blooms in all it’s majesty. Lovely, I hope these two walls are facing each other in order to tell the story.
As mentioned earlier and according to the organizers, the aim of the project is to beautify the neighbourhood inviting both Liqen and Agostino Iacurci to paint four walls in the intersection of via Fabriano and via Recanati.
Looking forward to see what they come with next.


Photo © Mario Fanasca‎


Photo © Mario Fanasca‎


Photo © Mario Fanasca‎


First image via Insideart, last by Liqen


Author: Fran

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