Yesterday opened Sixe Paredes Futurismo Ancestral: An Offering to Peru by Sixe Paredes his first major solo show in the UK at the Somerseth House in London.
The new exhibition is according to the artist an ode to Peruvian and Andean aesthetics where Sixe, blending tradition and modernity, creates a completely new body of work full of bright and bold colours, and geometric patterns all presented in that signature Surrealist style that characterizes his work.
The title of the exhibition, Futurismo Ancestral (or ‘ancestral futurism’), has to do with Sixe’s approach to the subject. That is, inspired by folk art and art brut, but reinterpreting it for a modern way.
The exhibition consists of about 25 large-scale works including tapestries, totem sculptures, ceramics and quipus, and some smaller-scale works such as masks and chichas (hand-drawn concert posters decorated with fluorescent inks). Check out the pics below.
The exhibition will be open until May 26. The entrance is free of charge so no excuses!
If you want to know more about Sixe Paredes I recommend you to read the full interview by Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington (founders of Brooklyn Street Art) here or here (Same guys).



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