The Brazilian design and illustration trio known as Bicicleta Sem Freio ( bicycle without brakes)  is now in Portugal where they painted this colourful mural last week for Underdogs in Lisbon.
The trio, composed of Douglas de Castro, Victor Rocha and Renato Reno paints fantastically kitschy work that is, so to say, almost impossible not to like. Their latest mural at the Clube Naval Lisboa, near Cais Sodré being a classic example of their work.

bicicleta_sem-freio-portugal-1 bicicleta_sem-freio-portugal-3 bicicleta_sem-freio-portugal-4 bicicleta_sem-freio-portugal-5 bicicleta_sem-freio-portugal-6

Images via Stick2target


Author: Fran

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