As announced earlier this week (here) opened Argentinian visual artist Franco Fasoli “Vínculo” his newest exhibition at BC Gallery for which the artist created a completely new body of work, fitting both the Gallery’s profile and it’s physical space.
“Vínculo” which in Spanish means bond deals according to the gallery “with connections, contradictions and contrasts full of tension that shall not only be shown through the paintings but also through the gallery space and how it interacts with the art.”
Here some shots from the opening.

Franco-fasoli-Jaz-BC-Gallery-Berlin-1 Franco-fasoli-Jaz-BC-Gallery-Berlin-2 Franco-fasoli-Jaz-BC-Gallery-Berlin-3 Franco-fasoli-Jaz-BC-Gallery-Berlin-4 Franco-fasoli-Jaz-BC-Gallery-Berlin-5 Franco-fasoli-Jaz-BC-Gallery-Berlin-7

Author: Fran

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