Brazilian artists Rodrigo Branco and Pedro Saci also known as SaciLovesYou are now in Europe where they have been painting a series of murals around London and  Dortmund, Germany.
Rodrigo Branco and Pedro Saci are in town invited Pigment London, a project run by a duo who aim to showcase and work with emerging Brazilian artists and their stay.
They are also invited to the Step In The Arena festival in Eindhoven, the Netherlands so I guess we will see more from them very soon.
Lovely work.

Camden town/London

Camden town/London

rodrigo-branco-sacilovesyou-london-1-1 rodrigo-branco-sacilovesyou-london-1-2

Dalston – London


Dortmund -Germany


Dortmund -Germany

Greenwich - London

Greenwich – London

First image © Nolionsinengland


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