Mexican artists Sego and Smithe were recently in the lovely state of Veracruz in Mexico where they painted this huge mural for the Tenaris Tamsa Industrial Center in that city.
This new impressive mural, titled “Transcendent Connections ” and 560 feet long,  is part of a project promoted by  TenarisTamsa in collaboration with Mamutt both

Mamutt about the project:

On March 2014 we produced a mural for the TenarisTamsa Industrial Center in the city of Veracruz, Mexico, this industrial center is one of the largest in the world in the manufacture of steel pipes for the energy industry. For the first time Sego and Smithe did a collaboration, creating an incredible mural that is 560 feet long called “Transcendent Connections “.

This project is one more example of the important work of Tenaris Tamsa in the world of art and culture (not just in Mexico) and their constant effort to link art and work with various art projects within their daily lives.

We believe that the support and attention of major international companies to what we do is essential and of great value. Mamutt appreciates the invitation to work and the support shown by TenarisTamsa, besides we thank Sego, Smithe, Roman, Plop and Hammer for carrying out this project. In Mamutt we keep working, trying to learn and improve every day.

HERE a link to the video showing the work of Sego and Smithe shared on Tenaris Tamsa’s Facebook page:

About the mural:

Transcendent Connections.

TenarisTamsa cultural vocation has been a decisive factor in the design of their workplaces. Convinced that art and work share a common root – humans produce objects that express their own humanity. The construction of the Industrial Center in Veracruz has been observed throughout history, the aesthetic criteria oriented to the creation of an environment that promotes productive efficiency and the enjoyment of a plastic experience.

Proof of this is the mural Connections Transcendent, work of 560 feet in length by Sego and Smithe, artists that for the first time met their extensive experience in the art of graffiti and illustration to give the color and strength of a lush world of symbols to one of the walls that define the boundary of TenarisTamsa in Veracruz and viewed from the staff’s dining room “La Palapa”. Snails, plants, iguanas, discrete feathers the become spirals, circles, spheres that invite you to dream of an old cosmogony and yet very present on today’s world. Also images that dialogue with all voices present in other areas of the plant site that were a source of inspiration at the time of the project’s conceptualization. Transcendent Connections arises from the themes, graphics, styles and traits of the authors, but has an essential source of inspiration in the industrial dynamics from TenarisTamsa, also in the colors of the panels of the newest part of the factory, the combination of a Prehispanic style with contemporary architecture that characterizes its buildings and works of popular, colonial and contemporary Mexican art that live in the administrative center and the extensive architectural intervention in its lobby, a snake made of 4,000 feathers made out of paper and painted by Humberto Spíndola.

The process of creating the mural took about two weeks, although its outline and projection required a creative work that spanned for several months. Artists themselves, sought to transform the common place that has been associated with Prehispanic symbols, through a new light, coated with a colorful and original alignment. Guided by the transit of a snake winding, transcendent dissimilar elements establish connections: snails that represent dialogue and wind, creation and evolution, circles that represent renewal seen in its endless echo. Dynamism of a universe that is brewing for recreation and at the crossroads men absorbed in their own passing, an iguana which is memory and belonging.

Connections Transcendent is synergy that invades this wall with organic design that evokes the great work that every day is done by the TenarisTamsa staff. Sego and Smithe´s mural- who also collaborated with Hammer and Plop, in coordination with MAMUTT- is an unprecedented decision by TenarisTamsa to promote and disseminate art in its various forms, encourage intellectual enrichment and encourage aesthetic appreciation.

In the same vein, and as an aspect of the AfterSchool Tamsa AC education program, Román painted a mural of a whale in an elementary school called “La Esperanza” (located at the north part of the port of Veracruz) providing children with a source of inspiration that allows them to imagine, as a result of the artistic experience, the innumerable possibilities of its own creativity.



Author: Fran

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