German artist MTO was recently in Malta for the Sliema Street Art Festival 2014 where he painted this new mural titled “The Mediterranean Door”.
The mural deals with the who often deals with the problem of immigration in Europe and how the authorities handle it.

( … ) While the United States and many European countries scramble to secure borders and crack down on undocumented immigrants, one little island has come up with a solution fit for late night TV. ( … )

Malta Selling Citizenship For 650,000 Euros, With Full EU Benefits And U.S. Visa Perks ( … )

( … ) The government argues wealthy applicants will invest in Malta’s economy ( … )

( … ) Along with Italy and Greece, Malta has been at the epicenter of Europe’s immigration crisis, to which the new path to citizenship offers no apparent remedy.”

Source: The Huffington Post | By Antonia Blumberg
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According to MTO ” There is two kind of doors to enter Europe, i have decided to paint the less visible one.”

MTO-The-mediterranean-door-2 MTO-The-mediterranean-door-3

Author: Fran

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