INTI_Spain_DonQuijote Calle 13

Inti – Don Quijote

Calle 13, one of Puerto Rico’s best music bands at the moment, has been working for some time on a new art project called “Multiviralizyng Art” and it is just starting to show some results.

During the last few months, over a dozen internationally famed artists, among these INTI, EVER, ALEXIS DIAZ,  FINTAN MAGEE, ELLIOT TUPAC, El Decertor and LNY have been working hand in hand with the band to create art in all forms and spaces using the word Multiviral as a starting point.

Their goal is to open new spaces for artists around the world.  Through their artwork, whether it is renowned or not, Calle 13 aim to redefine originality and find the inspiration and motivation to continue creating.

El Decertor Eliott Tupac Calle 13

El Decertor and Elliot Tupac

Each of these murals are a unique representations of the artists visions and understanding of the word “multiviral”, making them unique, but also intimately connected to each other.

Fintan Magee Calle 13

Fintan Magee

The idea back this project is to create art that can express an optimistic view of the future in a time when human relationships seem fade away thanks to what some scholars call the ‘internet society’. The project is in other words an attempt to find alternative ways to connect people with each other.
In case you want to know more about the project and who the artists are, have a look at MULTIVARALYZING ART: WHY MULTIVIRAL? a comprehensive text explaining the aim, meaning and process of this interesting proposal.
Ah, and don’t forget to have a look at the video showing the work in progress of the 8 international artists invited to take part in this event.

Read more about Calle 13 here and here


Author: Fran

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