As announced earlier M-City is one of the international artists participating of this years NuArt Festival.
M-City’s first project involved painting one the Atlantic Offshore’s container ships and can now boast that it is the owner of the “coolest looking” vessel in the North Sea thanks to NuArt and M-City.
As mentioned earlier M-City’s work consists in putting together hundreds of carefully cut stencils in order to create a coherent imagined cityscapes that in this case resembles both the Norwegian fjords and the mechanic nature of the ship. Very cool project.
Looking forward to see what the other artists will come with.

M-City-Nuart-Ocean-Art-2 M-City-Nuart-Ocean-Art-3 M-City-Nuart-Ocean-Art-4 M-City-Nuart-Ocean-Art-5 M-City-Nuart-Ocean-Art-6 M-City-Nuart-Ocean-Art-7 M-City-Nuart-Ocean-Art-8

M-City Teaser from NUART
All images via M-City and NuArt


Author: Fran

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