4-Delhi kids-C215

First Retrospective Exhibition entitled “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”
October 17 – November 8, 2014

Opera Gallery Paris is proud to present the very first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the French Street and Stencil Artist, Christian Guémy, aka C215. In just a few years, C215 has become one of the world’s favorite talents of the current Street Art generation – and one of the rare French artists to fully assume an international career.
The theme of this exhibition, entitled “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood” spans the entire period of his ten-year career and includes all of the artist’s favorite mediums: posters, cardboard, mail boxes, road signs, recycled wood…
The 35 works of art on display reveal all the intricacy of C215’s favorite subjects: travelling, childhood and adolescence, street life and scenes, animals – including his famous cat, world history, literature, the arts and, of course, the artist’s daughter Nina, who has become the painted eyewitness of her father’s artistic exploration.

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“Freedom, Equality,Brotherhood» will open on from Friday, October 17 and will run until Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Opera Gallery located on 356 rue Saint Honoré 75001, Paris.
Inauguration by invitation: Thursday, October 16, 2014 starting at 6:30 pm.

Fatiha Amer, Director
Tel. + 33 1  42 96 39 00  or + 33 6 60 60 19 11

Some of the available works at this exhibition are:

1. Delhi Kids, stencil, spray paint and acrylic on wood fence, 66 x 70 cm – 26 x 27.6 in.
4-Delhi kids-C215

2. Bring Back Our Girls, stencil, spray paint and acrylic on cardboard, triptych, 65,5 x 150 cm –
25.8 x 59 in.

15-BringBrach Trytique-C215

3. We All Need Love, stencil, spray paint and acrylic on canvas, 78 x 144,5 cm – 30.7 x 56.9 in.

6-We all Look for love-C215

4. America, America, stencil, spray paint and acrylic on antique map, 123 x 113 cm – 48.4 x 44.5




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