Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli (JAZ) is now in Miami where he will be opening this weekend his new solo show ‘Fiesta Control’ at Product/81 Gallery in Wynwood, Miami.
‘Fiesta Control’ has been curated by Los Fordistas  and its part of their art residency program that provide artists with living quarters, materials and the opportunity to feature their work in solo Art Walk exhibitions. This years program includes the participation of artists like Axel Void, 2ALAS, Jufe, Pastel & Elian, Jaz, 2501 and Alexis Diaz with a culmination during Art Basel 2014.
From the press release:

The South Florida Ford-powered artist residency program Fordistas will showcase its next anticipated presentation with an open to the public event slated for Saturday, September 13th at Product/81 Gallery in Wynwood.

The “Fiesta Control” solo exhibition by street artist Franco Fasoli “Jaz” will feature a new element of art during his Wynwood Residency. We are excited to share exclusive behind the scenes information. Jaz will be unveiling his first collage piece at the exhibition based on Latin American cultures. He has been working on this for 20 days, all day and each piece has taken him 4- 5 days non-stop.

“I needed something to take me completely out of the known.” – Franco Fasoli

Jaz’s career originated on the streets of Buenos Aires as a graffiti writer and has since transitioned into large scale murals created using of a mixture of eccentric materials such as asphaltic paint and petrol. The focus of his work is the theme of Mexican style wrestling figures with animal, human and beast characteristics in a combat setting.

Jaz’s murals can be seen around the world. Examples below include murals in Puerto Rico, Italy and Germany, respectively.

Images and press release courtesy of Product/81 Gallery


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