Fra Biancoshock – Photo © Ian Cox

The Norwegian street art festival NuArt took place last week and I had the opportunity to assist not only to the always great NuArt Plus that this year addressed two important issues in the field of urban art, namely “safe murals” versus street art and activism, but also to the opening of their fantastic indoor exhibition.

Featuring the work of John Fekner±MAISMENOS± , Fra Biancoshock, SpY, Icy and Sot, Tilt, Andreco, Levalet, Mathieu Tremlin, M-City, Borondo and the Norwegians Dot dot dot and Strøk, the indoor exhibition reflected in many ways the main subject of the festival, activism and graffiti with an underlying political and social punch.

From Fra Biancoshock’s ‘Social Reich’ to John Fekner’s ‘Broken Promises’, ±MAISMENOS± ‘Eurosion’, Levalet’s witty paste-ups going under the title ‘Oil’, Borondo’s beautiful rom and even Tilt’s ‘Panic restrooms’ the group exhibition appears to the viewer as both coherent and challenging addressing not only social issues, but also the way we look and experience our own reality.
In this way this year’s NuArt separates itself from the growing number of Street Art festivals adopting a more academic approach to the field of urban art.

The NuArt exhibition at Tou Scene will be open until Oct 12 so if you have the opportunity to see it, do it.

Most images by Ian Cox 


Icy and Sot and Andreco – Photo © Ian Cox


Photo © Ian Cox


Icy and Sot – Photo © Ian Cox


Maismenos – Photo © Ian Cox


Maismenos – Photo © Ian Cox


M-City – Photo © Ian Cox


Tilt – Photo © Ian Cox


Photo © Ian Cox


Borondo – Photo © Ian Cox


Photo © Ian Cox


John Fekner – Photo © Ian Cox


Martin Whatson and Matthieu Tremlin – Photo © Ian Cox


Levalet – Photo © Levalet


Author: Fran

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