Austrian sensation Nychos is now in Germany for the Knotenpunkt Festival for which he painted this giant dissected spider.

“My dad and my grandpa were traditional Austrian hunters, so I think that is where some of my interest in anatomy comes from. Seeing a deer dissected for the first time was very inspiring for me. Seeing all the guts and intestines drop out, it was a bit crazy at first, but using all of this anatomy I think have found something I can stick with and really go crazy on. It’s staying fresh for me because I am always finding new ways to do it.”

This time he found the way to the spiders world, dissection a pretty scary one. Even if I hate spiders I have to admit I enjoy looking at this one.

Nychos-knotepunkt-0 nychos-knotepunkt-2 nychos-knotepunkt-3 nychos-knotepunkt-4 nychos-knotepunkt-5 nychos-knotepunkt-6


Author: Fran

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