Forty years have passed since that 8 September when Fabrizio Ceruso, a militant of the extreme left was killed during a clash between police and squatters when he tried to stop the eviction of some of the houses occupied by 150 families in the area.
BLU‘s mural (painted for Progetto SanBa) is just another example of that richness in meaning that characterizes his work. Here the image of San Basilio breaking locks and walking through the neighbourhood crashing everything under his feet and followed by the police that transforms into pigs and sheep whilst the inhabitants of the San Basilio district gather to protest against this monster.
It only took a few days before the mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino has ordered the removal of a mural in the S. Basilio district because it features pigs in police uniforms.

blu-san-basilio-2 blu-san-basilio-3 blu-san-basilio-4 blu-san-basilio-5
blu-san-basilio-7 blu-san-basilio-rome-1
Images via SAN


Author: Fran

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