The Unveiling

As announced earlier last week, Conor Harrington opened his new show “Eat and Delete” at Lazarides pop-up location in New York.
The new exhibition features 10 large-scale canvases alongside 5 unique portraits in continuation of the themes first explored in the Irish artist’s 2012 solo exhibition Dead Meat (2012) and A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win (2013).

The exhibition takes place in a large dark room where the strategically illuminated pieces are been suspended alongside the walls leading the viewer through a theatrical journey from beauty and opulence towards violence and destruction, all themes explored by Harrington in later years. The same applies to his distinctive style blending street art motives with rich hyper-realist techniques reminiscent of Renaissance-era old master painting.

In addition to a rich body of work, the exhibition includes the showcasing of four films created in collaboration with Andrew Telling. The exhibition will be open until today today at Lazarides pop-up location:  Old Gym, 268 Mulberry Street, New York,10012, USA.

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Eat And Delete Mugshot 3 - Augmented Reality Eat And Delete conor-harrington-eat-and-delete-7

Have a look at the whole picture gallery here:

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