Spanish artist SpY is currently in Paris invited to this years Nuit Blanche, an event that took place last Saturday and for which he created this new piece titled “I’m not a real artist”.
“I’m not a real artist” is inspired by Keith Arnatt’s iconic Trouser – Word Piece 1972–1989 (see image below) which stated “I’m a real artist” employing linguistic analysis as a satirical meditation on the nature of the real, using the devices of philosophical enquiry to mock the notion of artistic celebrity. SpY transforms this affirmation into a negation in an ironic way questioning the (street) artists real place in society and the art institution.
The letters were painted with phosphorescent paint that is replenished throughout the day by the light of the sun as well as by spotlights placed in front of the building. After the lights are fully charged, they shine brightly on their own once night falls.

Clever and enquiring piece, just the way its supposed to be. Btw, here a good article shared today by The Guardian.

All Images © Jérôme Thomas for the project Sky Is The Limit

Trouser - Word Piece 1972-1989 by Keith Arnatt 1930-2008

The estate of Keith Arnatt © Tate

SpY-Urbanite-Nuit-Blanche-Paris-2 SpY-Urbanite-Nuit-Blanche-Paris-3 SpY-Urbanite-Nuit-Blanche-Paris-4

Author: Fran

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