Invited by 4eme Mur festival spent American artist MOMO some time in Niort working on his first solo exhibition in France at Winterlong Galerie.
“There Are No Wheels In Nature” consists of 5 canvases, 21 watercolor drawings, a zine, an installation, a video seeking toestablish a dialogue with the architecture of the place and a beautiful mural (image above), all created specially for this event curated by Winterlong Galerie and exhibited at the Pavilion Stéphane Grappelli in Niort.
Whilst he canvases reminds us of earlier work from MOMO’s last show, the watercolours explore new techniques and look, according to the artist, “forward, towards greater “mess”.” The videos on the other hand have been described by MOMO as “practical geometry exercises” like An Oval From 2 Points (see video below) in which we see the artist to experiment with the creation of an oval from two fixed points and at of course the zine produced by Juste Ici.

“There Are No Wheels In Nature” is a good example, not only of MOMO’s traditional imagery based on complex abstract geometric constructions, layering and bright colours, but also his capacity to expand his own field experimenting with new techniques and captivating the viewer through visually and conceptually accessible work.

If you happen to be around, the show will remain open until October 31 at the Pavilion Stéphane Grappelli located on 56 rue St Jean
79000 Niort.

MOMO-Install_View-2014IMG_3419makingIMG_3302-improved-BESTMOMO-Acrylic-on-canvas-30x45in-IMG_3497 Install_View-MOMO-2014-IMG_3001 MOMO-Install_View-Practical_Geometry_Videos-IMG_3490 MOMO-WtrClrDrawing-40x50cm-2014-IMG_2704 MOMO-WtrClrDrawing-40x50cm-2014-IMG_2803 TISSU-Zine-MOMO-2014-IMG_0851


Info Cluster-Install View-MOMO-2014-IMG_2926


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