“Piedra angular / Cornerstone” and “Flor nocturna / Nightflower” are the work of Basque artist Xabier XTRM and were created for the MIAU Fanzara,  an open-air museum in the town of Fanzara in Castellón, Spain.
Characteristic of his work is the combination of different materials creating in this way original pieces that convey his care for detail as his taste of the experimentation.
“Piedra angular / Cornerstone” is Xavier XTRM’s second piece for the event and is according to the artist the result of an “unconscious link-up” he goes further and explains that whilst he was painting he was told by a local that most of the buildings in the village were built with local stones so this piece must be seen and analysed in relation to that little fact.
The first piece was titled “Flor nocturna / Nightflower”, a mix of figuration and abstraction where the artist again applies an interesting mixed media technique.

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Xavier-XTRM-MIAU-Fanzara-3 Xavier-XTRM-MIAU-Fanzara-4 Xavier-XTRM-MIAU-Fanzara-5 Xavier-XTRM-MIAU-Fanzara-6 Xavier-XTRM-MIAU-Fanzara-7


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