These twin murals are the result of the incredible work of five talented Polish artists Proembrion, Chazme, Cekas, Robert “Tone” Proch and Sepe.
The work, painted for Galeria Urban Forms 2014, took over a week to be completed. In this time the side façade of two 10-storey buildings standing next to each other (hereby the name twin murals) was painted giving form to an incredible fusion of different (but still clearly discernible) styles and imagery.
Below some images provided by the artists.

Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_8 Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_9 Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_10 Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_5 Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_6 Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_2 Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_3Proembrion_chazme_Cekas_Tone_sepe_diptych_4
Images © Marek Szymański



Author: Fran

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