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LONDON, UK, October 18, 2014

RexRomae Gallery will hold a pop-up exhibition in London showcasing the artworks of Norwegian stencil artist, Martin Whatson. Curated by Rom Levy, the ephemeral exhibition will be on display from the 6th through the 9th of November.

Following his recent international murals and collaborations across Europe and America, Whatson prepares for his solo show in London, where he will translate his signature composite style of stencils and graffiti writing into fine art works. Hide and Seek explores the evolution of the walls and the continuos metamorphosis of the city’s ecosystem. The show intends to present on canvas how people make their mark on society and the antagonistic relationship between right and wrong.

“I feel like my background is more from the fine art world, but I found interest in doing art myself through graffiti so I like to incorporate both. It’s like a fusion of two interests – the fine art and the street art – but I find that the aesthetics of graffiti is my favourite thing, so that’s why I try to incorporate it”, says Whatson about his work. This vanguardist’s interest for decay has helped him develop his notable aesthetic, motives and composition, creating either unity or conflict between materials, backgrounds and human intervention.

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The exhibition will be held at Rex Romae’s pop up location on 9 Kingsland Road, E2 8AA London where a limited edition, hand-painted screenprint by Martin Whatson will be available at the opening.

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