French multimedia artist Swiz will be showing some new works this weekend at will be exhibiting his latest work at Les Extraits in RueilMalmaison.
Géométrie Alphabétique will be opening this Saturday November 8 at 17hrs at the bookstore in Rueil-Malmaison near Paris and it will be open until January 31. The exhibition will feature new paintings on wood and a beautiful installation in which he is currently working on. The new works depict a Géométrie Alphabétique or Alphabetical geometry that like as its name suggests features words camouflaged in geometric compositions of great beauty. Just have a look at the works below, they are simply beautiful.
Les Extraits: 43 Rue du Château, 92500 RueilMalmaison

Swiz-geometri-alphabetic-2 Swiz-geometri-alphabetic-3 Swiz-geometri-alphabetic-4


Author: Fran

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