This beautiful installation is the work of the Greek duo Blaqk, consisting of artists Greg Papagrigoriou and Simek.
The duo has been working on this kind of series for a while now,  always taking advantage of the decaying scenery in which their work is created adding a mixture of typography and geometry which is often encapsulated within geometric compositions, like the one we see here. Loving the way they use the space, taking advantage of not only the walls, but also the floor of the place.

Blaqk-Outdoor-festival-rome-2 Blaqk-Outdoor-festival-rome-3 Blaqk-Outdoor-festival-rome-4 Blaqk-Outdoor-festival-rome-5

Author: Fran

Founder and editor of Urbanite. Street Art lover who after the finishing her MA thesis on the muralist movement in the 1920-50s, developed a fascination for street art and graffiti that eventually led to collaborations with different art blogs, including the creation of this one.