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Labuena ylamala, known for both her sculptural work and murals, is currently showing at Studiostore in Barcelona.
“Forever” presents a body of work that can best be described as an ethereal obsession with movement and balance, both when it comes to her 3D and 2D work. An interplay of curves, lines and planes that create dynamic sculptures characterized by both linear and volumetric forms. The different planes and shapes establish a sense of dynamic kinetic movement that seeks to take the viewer to an exciting journey through her constantly changing visual landscape.

In continuous evolution, her work talks about forms in space, and the movement which is originated through them. A work always defined by an interest by the air and kinetic, floating sculptures, installations, three-dimensional paintings and urban interventions combining using different planes and layers that overlap creating new perspectives. Works of dynamic lines that take to the viewer to make a visual journey in a geometric, spatial, abstract and energetic color landscape. Most recent interventions, include the one in the industrial chimney of the factory La Escocesa Center of Creation in Barcelona, as in the Festival of Public Art Walk&Talk in Punta Delgada, Azores.

“Forever”  is without doubt an exciting and a must see exhibition so if you have the chance go and check it out! The show will be open until next Saturday November 15th at Studiostore gallery located on Comerç 17. Barcelona.

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Images courtesy of Lanuenaylamala


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