Bridging the gap between the high and the low, Pop surrealism has become an important branch of modern art, specially for those who devour pop culture imagery.
Portraits seeks to highlight the eclecticism of this movement through a series of interesting works by leading figures of the Spanish Pop Surrealism like Bakea, Crajes, Duma, Gabi de la Merced, Mercedes de Bellard, Sara Sanz y Sergio Mora.

From the press release:

It is not surprising that an essentially figurative artistic movement such as Pop Surrealism holds the portrait as one of its most cultivated genre. With an important humanist and popular stamp, pop surrealism deals with analyzing, interpreting and representing behavior andcultural manifestations of human beings from a borderline position between criticism and sweetness between the grotesque and the friendly between the naive and the adult.

Portraits has seven different points of view that highlight the versatility and eclecticism of pop surrealism, from disturbing portraits of Sara Sanz’s adult girls to the dauntless women of Crajes, through the poetic allegories of Mercedes de Bellard and Duma’s elusive portrayed; from the sly mutant creatures of Bakea to the adult rereadings of Gabi de la Merced and the scathing but friendly looking characters of Sergio Mora. – Manuel Garrido

Opening Reception:
28th November, 2014 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates:
November 28th – 1st December, 2014 | 12-2pm and 5-8pm.

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Exhibition Preview

Bakea - Maja Desnuda Crajes - Sum Duma - Summer Rain Mercedes de Bellard - Magic Sara Sanz- Eva Sergio Mora - Abstracción Realista

Author: Fran

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